Reading Textually

The following is the fourth question posed by swbtsbloggers.

Question: Why does it matter if we read the OT textually or not?

Answer: Technically, the only way to read the Old Testament is textually. And I suppose that is a good point to make. The Old Testament only exists as a text. It does not exist in any other form. In order to understand it, we must read it as it is: a text. The problem with “reading” it any other way is that the interpreter will inevitably be led away from the text. The object of our reading should be the text, not the things to which the text points. Although Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, and Josiah are important historical figures, what we are after is God’s perspective on them and the events surrounding them. The way to determine God’s perspective is through the reading of His Word.

The interview was first posted at swbtsbloggers.


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