Encourage Reading Well

The following is the fifth question posed by swbtsbloggers.

Question: What are some ways we can encourage reading the Old Testament well in our teaching and preaching?

Answer: The first step in encouraging others to read the Old Testament well is to practice it yourself. In both the study and presentation of God’s Word, be careful to follow the text of the author, avoiding what he avoids and examining what he presents. Work diligently to ensure that every observation and every piece of evidence is rooted in the text. Seek to understand the text of Scripture with the rest of Scripture in mind.

The second step is just pointing out what you are doing as you practice good reading. Let the audience know that you have avoided questions that the text does not answer. Let them follow your line of reading as you work through a text. After you have taught for a while, you will notice that they will begin to emulate your practice.

The interview was first posted at swbtsbloggers.


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